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Zack Permenter

Zack Permenter

Design Manager

Zack Permenter has 20 years’ experience in Design, Fabrication, Electrical and Instrumentation, QA/QC Inspection, and personnel management. His responsibilities include overseeing the design team and document control.

He attended Texas A&M University in Galveston before starting his own design and fabrication business. Upon returning to the Tyler area he became the design manager at Goodyear Tire and Rubber Manufacturing Plant until its closure, at which time he took a position in the electrical design department of CB&I, Tyler office. While at CB&I he gained significant field QA/QC inspection experience at numerous refineries across the US and globally.

Zack has taught martial arts for almost 15 years and is passionate about building character and self-reliance in students of all ages. He applies this to IPM’s safety culture and states “The basis of teaching Kung Fu is training people to take their safety into their own hands. It was clear from my first days with IPM that there would be no compromise on safety, quality, or integrity and that made me feel at home.” He goes on to say “My goal for our design team is to focus on providing a safe and comfortable environment where everyone feels valued and encouraged to challenge themselves. I believe that this will ensure that we retain the best people available and they will seek to continue the excellence which IPM is known for.”